Taking that big step.

And getting some legit office space.

In every start-up, there eventually comes a time where you need to consider scaling up. Part of that process involves building a solid team that will form the backbone of the company, essentially providing a solid foundation on which to expand upon. Finding an ideal base in which to allow your team to thrive is key. Working out of granny’s garage is not going to cut it so that means heading to the big city in search of office space.

We've found the perfect spot...

The Planet Art, 32 Jamieson Street, home to a recording studio, exhibition space and variety of businesses all broadly relating to media and the arts. We’re a stone’s throw from Kloof Street, one might consider one of the grooviest streets in the Mother City.

We find ourselves within walking distance of good coffee, trendy restaurants and cafes, small art galleries and plenty of craft and design shops. You’ll find a mixed bag of locals, tourists, hipsters, designers and your suit and tie type bustling up and down the street. The great part about Jamieson Street, while fairly quiet in comparison to the rest of the CBD, is still close enough to the buzz of Kloof, which means you can happily grind away with extreme attention and focus but then also head for a beer at YoursTruly when you’re done for the day.

Our Space

We’ve gone for a fairly monochromatic look with pops of colour and interesting bits and pieces. Plenty of natural light fills the space offset by wooden floors and DIY blackboard that’s actually a whiteboard, which we made with Moxiwall paint and a bit of elbow grease.

Another fun DIY project that got the whole team involved was, the upcycling of a beat up old arcade machine, which we rescued from UWC in the midst of the #feesmustfall protests. We’ve also added some pretty hanging plants, courtesy of MotherCityJungle, which has definitely helped green things up. We’ve selected a mixture of white scandi-style furniture, rounded grey single seater couches and some matt black desks. For our boardroom, we’ve gone with a simple white table paired with black chairs and a nearby drawer stocked with brightly coloured sticky notes and all the workshop tools needed to make some serious magic happen. What we’re left with is an open, modern and fresh feeling office space with a few touches of quirk and style.

We want our team to be happy and comfortable, which is why everyone who works at TouchFoundry gets an Ergotherapy chair, a state of the art desk set up and an unlimited supply of Deluxe Coffee. We’ve also recently adopted a foosball table to go along with our arcade machine and guitar hero setup which we believe are equally important tools needed to keep the balance of work and play.

The last couple of months have been a great period of nesting and settling in and we hope we’ve managed to succeed in creating a welcoming environment for both our clients and team. Most of all, it’s a space we’re proud of and happy to spend time in. 

Come Visit! We’d love to have you.