14 Guiding Principles

At our very core, we are a team united by the vision and desire to build great products and user experiences. The principles below echo our “why” and so serve as pilot lights which we aim to uphold in order to be the best that we can be, both as individuals and as part of a collective, within our own and other teams. These principles are further guided by our fundamental pillars which are baked into our culture. These pillars are Vigilance, Responsibility, Pride, Respect, Ownership, Urgency and Diligence.

  1. We commit to doing our best work alongside passionate people and organisations

  2. We strive to both impress and inspire customers of our service and users of our products

  3. We endeavour to make high-velocity, yet high-quality, decisions

  4. We choose quality over quantity every time

  5. Though we are optimistic, we remain vigilant and always maintain a sense of urgency

  6. We strive to build delightful, meaningful and quality software and user experiences

  7. We aim to keep delivering value to drive business goals, growth and visions

  8. We aim to communicate as clearly, effectively, fast and often as we can – always

  9. We aim to keep improving ourselves and always push the boundaries of our personal and professional growth

  10. We absolutely reject complacency

  11. We aim to foster a community of sharing and learning, lest it be from our mistakes, or better yet from our accomplishments

  12. We aim to provide a positive, pleasant, diligent and professional working relationship with our peers

  13. “Stick the landing”. We commit to always finishing as strong as what we start

  14. We aim to have as much fun as is healthy in doing what we love

And as always, as with everything that we do…