We’re a small, lean, tight-knit crew who understand the value of transparent, effective communication and who pride ourselves on quality output, standards compliance and agile working methodologies…

We’re also pretty fun to hang around.

The Bossman | Managing Director

Fabio Longano

Managing Director and Founder. Fabio’s talent as a pragmatic programmer along with his penchant for usability and design makes for a winning combination. When he’s not building an empire you’ll find him playing a game of ultimate disc or soccer with his mates. It’s also rumoured that he may be hiding some serious foosball skills.

The Wizard | Lead Software Architect

Luke Johnstone

Luke’s passion for code and attention to detail makes him a real asset to the team. He has the magical ability to convert super- sized cups of coffee into code, the longest hair in the office and at one point, was the youngest person on the planet.

The Gamer | Software Engineer

Paul Cupido

A soft-spoken gentleman with manners that put Fred Astaire to shame, Paul is one of the few in the office reminding us that chivalry isn’t dead. A semi-retired Mortal Kombat pro-gamer, Paul whips out some impressive code that always meets our clients needs. When Paul isn’t juggling several clients’ requests at once, he’s tearing up the dance floor with his sweet sweet samba moves. Ariba!

The Viking Machine | Software Engineer

Bart Vandecandelaere

A bearded viking that hails from Belgium, Bart is a soft spoken, friendly gentle giant type. Rumour has it he’s part of the Illuminati, but he doesn’t like to talk about that. When he’s not whipping out some heavily impressive code in a ridiculously short amount of time, Bart spends his time braiding his beard.

The Visionary | UX/UI Designer and Developer

Raphael Segerman

Raphael joins our team with heaps of talent. Not only does he serve up code that has been beautifully designed but he’s also somewhat of a musical whiz kid. When he’s not in the office you’ll find him jamming with his band John Wizards. His relaxed demeanour and calming presence help to restore balance to a sometimes chaotic office. He also brings some  mad foos skills to the table.

The Linchpin | Scrum Master / Project Manager

Chandre Du Toit

Always tracking and Slacking, Chandre is the organizer of the bunch. Making sure that all the operations are running on point. Passionate about what she does, no project is too big is or too small for her to handle. A cuppa joe and multitasking mode is engaged, taking the world one project at a time.

The Builder | Software Engineer

Marcel Christie

Focussed, creative and soft-spoken – Marcel is a builder within the coding world. He is very quiet and relaxed, but once he enters the matrix you know that he is busy building some impressive code! Marcel also has some hidden talents, not only is he a builder in the matrix – he also has some mad muso skills and plays in a band!

The Analyst| UX & Product Lead

Ryan Von Ess

Focussed on the end to end experience of our products, Ryan joins the team as the new UX & Product Lead. With his great attention to detail, strong analytical skills and creative thinking Ryan is the go to guy to ensure that we’re always building products that people love. Ryan’s witty personality makes him a great fit in the team!

The Thinker | Backend Developer

Mica Smith

Joining the TouchFoundry team as a backend developer. With her warm smile and open personality Mica is quick on her feet and always ready to solve a good ol’ fashioned problem! Rumour has it that Mica once couldn’t solve a problem. She then wrote an AI that did the job for her. In Golang. This AI is commonly known to the public-eye as Jarvis, and was subsequently sub-licensed to the Iron Man franchise.

The Flash | Software Engineer

Johan Laubscher

Originating from the Freestate, Johan compliments our team as a Frontend Developer and master of the Speed Force. React, Angular, VueJS – you have a JS framework – Johan has probably blitzed it. When he’s not piecing together PWA’s, and other terribly impressive apps, he’s most likely binge-watching The Flash. Again. He also enjoys the odd FPS here and there while he waits for new seasons to be released.

The Doodler | Illustration and Design

Luan Serfontein

Resident illustrator and designer extraordinaire. Luan is an insanely talented individual who dabbles in the mixed martial arts of 3d modelling/rendering, freehand illustration and Photoshop-Fu. A love of drum & bass keeps him fuelled and is one of the few people we know that regularly frequents the local library.