The future is here

Rewind 20 years ago. Light-up sneakers are considered high-tech. CD’s begin replacing out-dated cassette tapes. Encarta Encyclopaedia replaces trips to the library for school projects. And we can dial up to the world-wide-web from the comfort of our homes where we email our Xmas cards instead of posting them. (Although if someone picked up the receiver it all went to shit). And that felt like the future. Now 20 years later, it’s all hoverboards, AI’s, self- driving cars, VR’s, the cloud, online streaming and the whole of the world’s information available at our fingertips

We travel differently.

With the tap of a button, we can have our very own personal driver at our doorstep. Driverless and electric cars are set to make a huge impact in the way we travel, with an emphasis on safety and greener habits. We now have things like Airbnb that can turn our spare room into an income whilst connect us with people from all around the world. We book travel ourselves easily and quickly without a trip to a travel agent or a call to an airline. 

We learn differently.

We attend online colleges and dial into virtual conferences. We have so many resources available to us at anytime of the day that we can literally learn anything we want.

Work is wherever you are.

Work also looks different these days.

We’ve done away with suffocating cubicles and traded them for open workspaces designed to improve collaboration and flow. You might see someone working from a standing desk or sitting in a state-of-the-art ergonomic chair designed to keep you comfortable and working for longer periods of time.

Offices are optional altogether. People work from home or rent a desk in a shared workspace while some choose to work out of coffee shops. Work is wherever you are. We’ve also solved the storage issue with the cloud; no more lever arch files and floppy disks. Large amounts of data can be shared half way across the world with the click of a link. We also look a little different at work. Suits and ties are often replaced with tattoos and sneakers. Shaving is no longer required. In fact, beards are encouraged. There are even entire online-based services dedicated to keeping your manly hair under control.

The tools we use have changed.

There are a couple of non-negotiables: A computer and an Internet connection. We save time and money when we Skype and Hangout with our overseas clients. We use nifty apps that help facilitate better communication between our colleagues, bosses and clients. We have so many tools to choose from that have been designed either to increase communication, productivity, or better manage people and their time. We make allowances to try new things and we embrace change as the world around us offers up new ways of streamlining our lives and improving workflows.

It truly is an exciting time to be alive. There is so much to wait in anticipation for. I for one, am holding out for a robo-maid, like the one in the Jetsons, who will do my laundry and make me a cup of tea. We’re almost there, I’m sure of it.