Green up your space

 Staying connected with the outside world isn’t much of a challenge these days, what with social media and all?  Sure, you may choose to tweet and hashtag to your hearts content but that only plugs straight back into the online world. What about the REAL outside world – you know, trees and stuff? We all struggle to stay connected with that…

Spending time in nature packs some serious health benefits. Not only does it break our mostly indoor routine but is important for the sake of our sanity, health and overall well-being. Being around our organic little co-inhabitants not only has the capacity to add that special something to the mise en scène that is your office space, but it also connects us to the earth and keeps us grounded.

We recognise this here at TouchFoundry, although, one does not simply grab one’s gear and head outdoors… As great as the thought may seem, in practice, the prickliness of the pine needles and the lack of the interwebs would make for far less than an ideal, productive working environment. Also where would our coffee come from?

We propose a simple idea: If you can’t bring your work to nature, bring nature into your work! Green up your space. Don’t just buy a bunch of cut flowers. Get something that’s ALIVE. Get at least one lovely green friend, or as many as you can squeeze into your space. It may be a seemingly small gesture but the overall impact could well worth be it, as we’ve found.

We recently adopted Pedro, our resident cactus. Why a cactus you ask? We needed something sturdy and resilient – like us. Something that could keep breathing and growing: reminding us to do the same even when things get hairy around the office with work. Pedro is our test case. If we can keep him thriving happily, we’d like to get some additional green friends. The more the merrier right?

Studies show that plants can help to create a better atmosphere, increase attentiveness, help to reduce stress and have overall mood enhancing effects.

Don’t take our word for it- check out the many articles online.  Heck, we even like to believe we’re banging out greener code as a result. More zen leads to fewer lines, which in turns leads to less processing, which ultimately leads to more trees. We just created infinity. All thanks to Pedro.