Adivan & Adipod


Adidas’ 3Stripes loyalty program – now available at an Adidas store near
you. In flavours of awesome and touch.

The Gig

Push button. Receive Loyalty Points.

In over 25 stores country-wide, Adidas have extended their efforts in bringing their customers one step closer to the
brand, by allowing them to sign-up to the 3Stripes loyalty program via the 3Stripes in-store loyalty kiosk. In addition to
enabling user registration and loyalty card activations, the Adipods also allow Adidas to showcase latest deals, events
and more. We had the opportunity of crafting the software on these kiosks.

The Solution

Cross-country, the digital way

As part of a digital instalment for the Adivan, an Adidas advertising and showcase platform on wheels spearheaded by
Stretch Experiential Marketing, we had to bid our software a safe journey and wait for its arrival back home after this 1
year long, cross-country expedition.

Launching at the 2012 Two Oceans Marathon expo in Cape Town, the Adivan digital installation allows fellow runners
and Adidas sportswear enthusiasts to explore the famous brand’s trainers as well as enabling them to sign up to the
brand’s proprietary loyalty effort – The 3Stripes Program.

As online connectivity is the one caveat that the van will encounter on its journey up-country, we had to make sure our
software was smart and robust enough to work around the connectivity constraints – periodically syncing new user
registrations and downloading updates as required.

Because work is just more fun together

We partnered with our friends over at Supernice Digital to put together these lovely units. Pure synergistic genius: their pixel-pushing coupled with our tech muscle lead to an overall sick user experience.