Deeliver App

At your convenience


Deeliver is an online shopping platform – offering customers items that could be bought at your local convenience and liquor store – delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. With the delivery-on-demand market increasing at a voracious pace, TouchFoundry partnered with The Pleasant Group to create a delivery app… with a twist – Deeliver.

What We Did

  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Cross platform mobile development (React Native)
  • Micro-service architecture (Node)
  • Platform architecture (AWS)

The 3 components to Deeliver

Consumer App


The Consumer App is the main app that is used by all clients placing orders. Looking for a specific product is easy with our implementation of categories and subcategories, as well as a dynamic search function.As creatures of habit, we made it effortless for users to reorder their favourite Deeliver products. By favoriting items, users can easily view and edit a list of their favourite goodies. An even easier alternative, we gave users the ability to simply hit the “Reorder” button on their previously completed orders. Just like that!

Driver App


The Driver App has been designed to assist drivers with deliveries as well as keep customers informed on the tracking of the goods that they have ordered – they receive tracking confirmation through push notifications. Minimalist and without any frills, this app is concise and easy to use for drivers on the go. Via Push Notifications, Drivers are immediately notified when they are allocated a new journey, so as not to waste any time. By seamlessly adding Google Maps in-app, we made sure that Drivers can navigate to their destination without a hitch, and are aware of any traffic or delays on their route, as well as having the app optimise their journey so that drop-offs are logically placed in order en-route.

Admin Dashboard


The Admin Dashboard is the control centre for the whole operation and brings together the Consumer App and Driver App as this is the platform to where it all connects. The web-based portal, built with Angular 4 and a host of REST services in our API layer, allows admin users to view and control customer orders and drivers’ journeys in one compact place. With dozens of orders coming through in real-time, admin users can instantly accept or reject orders, mark orders as packed, add orders to a driver journey and track order delivery. Having all the order and consumer details next to a real-time tracking map makes the dashboard a breeze to use – a much needed necessity when orders are flying in!