Kalahari Wish Dash

Wish. Share. Win.
On all your devices.

We helped Kalahari.com turn wishes into reality with our interactive
concept and mobile game, WishDash.

The Gig

Christmas goes cross platform

Christmas is a time for giving and Kalahari.com wanted to do just that. So we helped them spread some Christmas cheer by
inviting players to test their skills and stand a shot of winning the value of their wishlist up to the value of R20 000!
Available on desktop and all major smartphones, we executed a sleek, fun and exciting product that gained some great
traction over the festive period.

Our Solution

Interactive meets social

After signing up, users were required to play a reflexes-based game which would see them smashing
buttons in an absolute frenzy – catching exciting Christmas gifts and avoiding ugly ‘booby’ gifts – building
their wishlist in the process. The higher they scored, the better the gifts available up for grabs.
Socially integrated, user could share their wishlist, challenge their friends, share their progress on all
major networks and slowly climb the community leader board to success!