NowNow App

Super Fast.
Good Food.

Feed your craving without the waiting.

We teamed up with our buddies from Woolworths, wiGroup and EffCommSA to collaborate on a take-away food app. Woolies wanted to offer a queue busting, walletless purchasing solution for hungry locals – and we were happy to oblige. South Africans know that when they ask to have something ‘now now’, they’ll get it shortly. “You’ll get it now now” translates into “you’ll get it soon”. And with the Now Now app, you’ll get your food even sooner.

The App

The app allows you to order from a brand new range of healthy and delicious meals, exclusively prepared and available from your nearest NowNow store. The “click and collect” feature means no more waiting and no more queuing. You can pre-order your food so that by the time you arrive at the counter, you can simply grab your order and go. Not only does the app allow for users to choose the collection time, but they’re also able to repeat their favourite orders with ease. We’re honoured to have been a part of a process of bringing this meaningful and impactful user experience to life, all thanks to some innovative pioneering from wiGroup, with their MCommerce offering (adding clever tech on top of existing infrastructure). Hooray for mobile transacting!


What did we do?

We can’t take credit for the yummy food, but we can take credit for some of the clever mobile tech surrounding the overall solution. Working alongside Woolworths and building on top of wiGroup’s mCommerce product stack, we added some good old fashioned front end muscle, assisting build the cross platform app that services both iOS and Android. Choosing to use Ionic 2 for the task made development easy and the app quick to market. It allowed us to be agile when needs/specs changed on the fly and most importantly, to hit our development milestones and target launch date.

We also helped craft and incorporate the “Bump Screen”, a “back office” POS tool that allows for seamless communication between customer and front of house shop assistant, facilitating the move of a food order down the chain – from order to delivery. By sending real time updates, users are kept in the loop of when their orders are prepped, packed and served.

The result? Good Food. Super Fast.