Saving trees, one app
at a time.


POP17 is an iPad app that helps raise awareness of the proliferation of C02 emissions.

The Gig

Going green with tech.

And who said we weren’t nice people! To flex our mobile development muscle and promote green awareness (which, by the way, we’re totally for), we collaborated on this pro-bono iPad app, an interactive brochure, which was used at the United Nations Climate Change Conference – held in Durban South Africa in 2011.

The Solution

Pop it like it’s hot!

Brand ambassadors of the COP17 group used this app at the event to raise awareness and further illustrate the impact that C02 emissions are having on our sweet, green earth. The app (downloadable from the AppStore) reads from an automated Twitter feed to obtain the latest CO2 levels from South Africa and invites users to start ‘popping’ CO2 molecules by touching them, uncovering helpful tips that can help them and others easily reduce CO2 levels.