The Memory Machine

Tweet. Print. Catch.
Best Memory Ever!

Imagine if what you tweeted, got printed out in real time… Well, that’s what we did!

The Gig

Happy Birthday CTICC!

Debuting at the CTICC, we created this machine to assist our client in trading social media interactions with beautifully elegant, physical takeaways. Complete with their print campaign of choice, CTICC was able to engage their visitors in a unique and highly interactive manner – all the while advertising their greatest achievement yet – their 10th birthday.


The Solution

It’s Big. It’s Red. It Prints!

Completely conceptualised, designed, built and programmed from the ground up – this was an exciting piece of work that showcased our ability to take a concept for a physical computing challenge and turn it into reality. Industrial design, print, software, social integration and hardware and tech support – yup, we did it all. With smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.

Creating this machine with one of our most valued clients was a real blast. We got to have an epic hackathon, as well as don on our hardhats and climb the inner columns within the heart of the CTICC foyer to install the machine ourselves. What a thrill.Happy birthday guys, love TouchFoundry.