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If someone has an idea, we like to make it happen. And that’s exactly what happened when we put our heads together with ThinkLabGroup, a young and dynamic world class 3D visualisation company. With their extensive knowledge of the architectural market, and our techy know-how, we collaborated on building a custom software product that immerses users into the life-like 3D worlds that the Think3D division creates for its clients.

Describing something to someone may give them an idea of what you’re talking about, but they won’t have that distinct image that you have in your head. The struggle is even more real for property developers, especially those trying to secure funding. But virtual reality (VR) has opened up a whole new, dynamic world of opportunities. Enter ThinkVR, the newest division of the group with a mission to turn these concepts into immersive experiences.

To turn the idea into a reality (or rather virtual reality) we flexed some muscle of the well-known game engine Unity and it’s nifty native integration with GoogleVR to build an app for both Android and iOS, that can easily switch from touch mode to VR mode. Not to mention the awesome features that come with it, like user head tracking, binocular rendering and 3D audio spatialization. As a fully immersive experience, ThinkVR captures the feeling and atmosphere of space, from sight to sound. The audio rendering engine of Google VR gives listeners a truly realistic spacial audio experience by replicating how sound waves interact with the environment and the listener’s heads and ears. Music to our ears.

It’s an app that brings their ideas to life, bridging the sometimes painful gap between designers’ ideas and clients’ expectations.

We designed the user interface with a minimalist approach, letting the 360 degree VR panoramas speak for themselves. Just a few clicks, and the user is submerged into a whole new environment, waiting to be explored. Click on a button in the app while in VR mode, and they’re immediately taken to a new room or space, giving the user multiple views of the property. We even added the interactive touch of info hotspots, allowing users to click on specific objects for additional information. A complete virtual tour without physically being in the space. Amazing!

The beauty of the ThinkVR app is its versatility. When we built it, we ensured the app would be adaptable to suit a variety of clients and their needs. No need to reinvent the wheel, but rather take this exciting technology and adapt it to showcase your product. In that sense, ThinkVR is a versatile marketing tool, ready to be used by architects, property developers, engineers, interior designers and the like. It’s an app that brings their ideas to life, bridging the sometimes painful gap between designers’ ideas and clients’ expectations. With ThinkVR, an estate agent has the ability to bring potential buyers to a derelict space, whip out their phone, and display a gorgeous home before it’s even been built. Just like that. After all, seeing is believing.


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