Visual Poetry: London

Creating Visual Poetry

Because Zen is Healthcare

The Gig

Tech meets Art

Meet Art in Site. Their mission is to go about changing the way art is designed and experienced in health care spaces. From beautiful artworks to interactive installations, they aim to transform a patient’s experience of that space by helping to create a happier and more colourful environment, which as research indicates, can vastly impact a patient’s overall emotional well-being and mental state, helping to calm anxiety and better assist with recovery.

The idea behind the installation was to provide patients and visitors of St Thomas Hospital with a beautiful imagery piece that would encapsulate the essence of London’s iconic landscape. Depicting the world outside, beyond the hospital walls, helps provide patients with a sense of reassurance and calm, whilst giving them a sense of connection with the outside world.

The Solution

Enter TouchFoundry

We provide the tech muscle to help build a digital piece of moving art for St Thomas Hospital in London, using the simplistic and stylised artwork of French Graphic artist Vahram Muratyan, the skills of talented animator John Brown and the overall vision and art direction of Martin Jones, creative director and owner of Art In Site.

The Result

A dreamy representation of London’s most iconic landmarks, that plug into a live weather and time feed to give you a simplistic and stylised representation of the bustling city.

Midday? Expect to see the sun at it’s highest point, a busy Westminster Bridge bustling with traffic. You’ll see cars, buses & bicycles and a few brollies, depending on rainfall of course.
Subtle changes to the landscape palette indicate transitions between different times of the day, whilst cloud cover becomes thicker or more dispersed relative to the changing weather patterns. Buoys bob gently along the River Thames whilst birds fly in flocks dependant on the wind direction. Watch the London Eye move in real time, while the leaves on trees rustle gently with the breeze, or if it’s winter, expect to see tree’s looking a little barer than usual.
A sweet and poetic text narrative accompany the moving imagery to further enhance the experience of the piece whilst also stirring delightful feelings of nostalgia and calm.